Problems to be tackled


Problems to be tackled It is of evidence that no good risk management strategy can be created without proper information and communication regarding the vulnerabilities, the hasards and the risks generated by them is a given area. Large scale infrastructures (LSI) are important opportunities and risk generators not only at national level, but firstly at … Read more

Project activities


Project activities A.1 Project management: A.1.1 Establishment and operation of the Project management structures A.1.2 Financial management A.1.3 Procurement Management A.1.4 Project monitoring and reporting A.1.5 Independent Audit A.1.6 Sustainability plan A.2 Project information and communication activities A2.1 Procurement equipment A2.2 Events (kick off & final conferences) A2.3 Printed promotional materials A2.4 Website A2.5 Video … Read more

About the Project

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Risk Management for Large Scale Infrastructures in the Romanian Bulgarian cross border area In the past important Large Scale Infrastructure/ LSI objectives were treated with maximum of secrecy, without any consideration of social acceptance or even understanding by the involved population. The identified problem is the incremental risk factor due to the lack of knowledge … Read more