Problems to be tackled

Problems to be tackled

It is of evidence that no good risk management strategy can be created without proper information and communication regarding the vulnerabilities, the hasards and the risks generated by them is a given area. Large scale infrastructures (LSI) are important opportunities and risk generators not only at national level, but firstly at regional and local level.

The impact area is not taking in account political/administrative borders.

During the autoritarian regime Large scale infrastructure objectives were created without any communication and social acceptance all arround Romania and Bulgaria, including the ROBG Programme area.

It is a matter of recovery of missed social/economic communication on both side of the border, but even more important is to include in this communication partners from the other side, even less informed, even less understanding the reason of existence and risks asuumed due to objectives placed on the other side.

Mutual transparency and proper actions are required in order to increase trust and support preparedness and emerfgency actions. The above formulated problem has an important strategic facet and consenquently an important component of National Security including its macroregional and European dimension.

Problem solving scenarios calls for a specific type of cooperation and dialogue between the involved stakeholders. Our project is aiming at building this type of cooperation.