Project activities

Project activities

A.1 Project management:

A.1.1 Establishment and operation of the Project management structures

A.1.2 Financial management

A.1.3 Procurement Management

A.1.4 Project monitoring and reporting

A.1.5 Independent Audit

A.1.6 Sustainability plan

A.2 Project information and communication activities

A2.1 Procurement equipment

A2.2 Events (kick off & final conferences)

A2.3 Printed promotional materials

A2.4 Website

A2.5 Video film production

A.3 Project prior activities

A.3.1 Comprehensive inventory of public and private LSI

A.3.2 Assessment of LSI generated vulnerabilities, hazards and calculated risks

A.3.3 Baseline and end line surveys of the target groups

A.4 Project core implementation activities

A4.1. Training for LSI and their operating environment

A.4.1.1 LSI related public communication

A.4.1.2 Improving the LSI cooperative development planning capacities

A4.2. Communication

A.4.2.1 LSI communication procedures, communication plans

A.4.2.2 Info days organized by selected LSIs

A.4.2.3 Design and implementation of high tech communication tools for selected LSIs and cybersecurity

A4.3. Creating a training system for professional LSI managers

A4.3.1 Best practice identification in the Danube Region

A.4.3.2 Curricula development, Learning materials, peer review

A.4.3.3 Methodologies, experimental workshops, Case studies

Project outputs

100.000 citizens accessing information about LSI and generated risks

Target groups

  • Persons involved in LSI management

  • Civil society organizations

  • Educational and research institutions

  • Representatives of the local administration


Total eligible value = 810,183.41 Euro

ERDF = 688,655.90 Euro

National Cofinancing = 105,323.84 Euro

Total Beneficiary’s contribution = 16,203.66 Euro