Project objectives and expected results

Project objectives and expected results

Project main objective(s) and expected result (s) Contribution to Programme result indicators
The project main objective(s) and expected results:

The project main objective is to reduce the calculated risks generated by the public and private LSI by increasing the level o social-economic acceptance of the existing and future LSI in the RO-BG cross border area.

The specific objectives are targeting

  • Improving LSI related communication capacity of the LSI, Public Administrations, NGOs
  • Training actual LSI managers
  • Creating a Training system for Profesional LSI managers
Describe the link with the relevant programme result indicator Programme result indicator your project will contribute to Contribution to the achievement of programme result indicator
The success of the planned survey Chapter I.5.II of the CfP to measure the satisfaction rate of the population is strongly dependent on the level of understanding of the repondents regarding ALL KIND of hazards and risks, including antropic ones. Transparency of the risk management plans could contribute to improve the perception of the population regarding the quality of this activity. To improve joint risk management in the cross-border area The proposed survey to measure the indicator being based on perception, proper and transparent information and communication techniques will help to create a ground of cross border knowledge and trust regarding the effectiveness of the cross border risk management.