ruseUniversity of Ruse (B2) – Bulgaria

The main activities of the University of Ruse are teaching and research. It consists of 8 faculties and 2 branches. A number of studies in different scientific fields are carried out at the University. The main activity is focused on:

  • Safe working conditions in electric power plants, including nuclear plants;

  • Environmental protection;

Ecology and efficient use of the thermal and electric power in industry, households, transport and agriculture.

University of Ruse has participated in 13 CBC projects. Their implementation gave the teams experience and skills in:

  • Developing training materials and conducting trainings in the cross-border area;

  • Holding cross-border workshops, information campaigns, seminars and working meetings;

  • Communication and organizing group study visits.

University of Ruse finished 3 projects in the field of risk management, incl. protection of key critical objects in Bulgaria. Two of them are CBC-projects.

The University maintains contacts with the Bulgarian authorities managing risks, and has a well developed distance-learning web system.

Prof. N. Mihailov (leader of the University of Ruse teamhas managed many international projects, incl. RES-OP-DEV EINSTEIN II, BECA.